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Thank you for your generosity

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

On the international day of the Shea, we came together and planted 73 trees!

Thank you all for your generoisity. On the International Shea day we came together and planted 59 trees and an extra 19 trees from myself on behalf of the Muslims Declare fraternity. I went around in my village explaining the importance of conserving the Shea tree.

Our seedlings are sourced from women in my community from seeds I had distributed to them a few months earlier - the seedlings take about 9 months to prepare. The tree site was prepared with assistance of my year 7 nephew who is very keen on conserving the Shea nut tree. The tree planting coincides with our rainy season which is from June to September, however this time the rains are not a reliable source of water and two women attend to the trees every morning and evening fetching water and attending them.

We also initiated our nursery with 1648 seeds which we are aiming to plant next year as they will be ready for planting. I will distribute them to homesteads and schools in my community for planting . The nursery is tended to by women and supervised by myself.

I also attended an XR interview which you can listen here

Once again, Asante Sana (thank you!)

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