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More Seedlings and Cop26

Hello Shea Tree supporters, I hope this finds you all well. The past few weeks have been very eventful. Weeks before the Cop26, I embarked on walking around my community areas to raise awareness about the shea tree and the climate crisis, where my community is at the forefront.

Sadly, I was arrested and put in a cell for 2 days, intimidated for being an activist in inhumane conditions and later on released without a charge.

I was covered in Bloomberg where you can read more here:

This is the brutal reality of being an activist. However, my resolve for the Shea Tree is strong as ever. Our Shea tree nursery is thriving. We have 2 women who tend to our seedlings as the rainy season is almost up. One of them Ayikoru Beatrice is living with a terminal illness and Tiko Margret's husband is diabetic making them the sole breadwinners for their households. Your support has meant that women in our community have an income and live in diginity.

We are now preparing to plant for the next rainy season in April when the seedlings will be ready for distribution. Thank you all for your support.

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