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Our Work

We are currently working on regeneration of areas that have been decimated by deforestation. Our target is to plant 7 million trees over a period of 10 years - through mass community collaboration, to empower women in my community and inspiring the next generation of tree protectors in my community.

Shea for Women


All our seedlings are sourced from women in our community at fair prices. This creates economic empowerment and a pivotal source of income for women. Our Shea nurseries are watered and looked after women from the community.

We are also continuously looking for markets that can buy our products.  


The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, join me in taking steps in my quest to fight climate change and foster a greener planet for now and future generations.

Shea Regeneration

We are regenerating areas that have been decimated due to the charcoal trade. Bit, by bit, tree by tree we are planting trees to recover our land, our heritage and our culture that is intertwined with the Shea Nut Tree.

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Shea Protectors


We are nurturing the next generation of Shea Nut protectors and activists. We work to ensure our  children have the knowledge, resources and opportunities to make a real change in society. We see our campaigns as collective efforts to protect the Shea nut trees.

By empowering our children to nurture and care for seedlings ensures that the Shea Nut Trees thrive for generations. This is done by targeting schools in and around Yumbe town. We supply seedlings to the children which are then planted in schools and their homesteads.

Climate Education

We have regular meetings with school children where we teach them about the climate crisis to help them understand how climate change is affecting our lives. We are working on ways to mitigate the effects.

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Clean Energy

Advocating for alternative use of charcoal and campaigning for affordable, clean cooking options in our community. This helps our remaining populations of Shea Nut Trees thrive and also better health for my community. 

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